Author, Artist, Spiritual Teacher

LIVE Online Talks Michael’s LIVE Talks will introduce you to the basic parts of the mind, their functions, mechanics, how to manage them, and create experiences. As well as guidance and pointers for inner liberation (Tao – Zen - Non-Dual). He explains how inner liberation and the ability to manage your mind plugs you into unbound creative power. Michael demonstrates in detail how this vantage point and skill offer lasting happiness, inner peace, confidence and ongoing inspiration using relevant stories, practical examples and humorous pointers. He speaks from his foundation of mind mastery, inner liberation and from the heart as an artist, poet and author (see About Me). LIVE Online talks can be a life changing for anyone seeking inner liberation, unbound creativity or mind mastery (also see Retreat Speaking Engagements and Stand Up Comedy below).

Positive Refocusing™ Recordings gently and effortlessly redirect your thinking to support you instead of unintentionally sabotaging it. It effectively modifies your dominant thoughts, making it easier for you to stay positive, inspired, feel good and remain aligned within. Michael designed Positive Refocusing™ utilizing principles of software engineering and hypnosis combined with his deep understanding of the mind (see About Me). It further includes modified blends of guided meditation, Neuro-linguistic programming, super learning, and brainwave entrainment. This modern mind retraining modality was developed and tested over a decade. It was instrumental in assisting Michael master the mind, experience inner liberation and unbound creativity. ​These recordings are custom engineered and tailored to your desires and goals. Repeated listening shifts your thinking for the better thus your life. There is no need to pay attention and you can multitask while listening (read, create, realize dreams, etc.). Playing these recordings is like having 100’s private sessions with a personal coach, which you can attend anytime, anywhere. 

Commissioned Works Got to have custom art (see Art) with original poetry? I'll create something amazing and unforgettable for you! 

Investors & Partners Interested in investing or partnering with Michael? Agents & Publishers Interested in representing Michael? Freelance Work Interested in hiring Michael?  

Screenplays Looking to write dialogue on the pulse of the human condition? How about shit that’s so funny you can’t hear all the lines cuz you’re laughing too hard? Maybe enter that place where you lose yourself and question everything? Perhaps propelling you into a nightmare which invades your reality? I live in the zone and my perspective is utterly unique. Let’s write the screenplay that births a cult following!

Stand Up Comedy Michael delivers all of his teachings, painlessly and covertly, within shenanigans and tomfoolery! Poking fun at the human condition and highlighting his insane journey from unconscious idiocy to inner liberation! Insights and pants pissing laughs for seekers. Baffling confusion sandwiched between hilarious nonsense for those who are not. Something for everyone. Wise and ridiculous, Michael is funny AF! Retreat Speaking Engagements Michael can also be booked to speak at retreats delivering his talks in a more traditional way (see LIVE Online Talks above). 

Private Sessions provide custom tailored instruction, mentoring and coaching to help guide you on your unique journey. Michael will get to know you, your story, your goals and obstacles. His teaching practice is adaptive and intuitive based on your current level of understanding and learning style. Keeping it real, Michael uses modern techniques, practical wisdom, simple pointers and humor in spontaneous enjoyable conversations. Live hypnosis and guided meditations are also offered to enhance these sessions. See Inner Liberation, Unbound Creativity and Mind Mastery below.

Books Poetry collaborations are my thing! Looking for a partner to bounce words with and effortlessly produce authentic gold? Fierce and tender lines etched into forever. Sound good?

Inner Liberation Spiritual masters tell different stories, offering a particular style of guidance, to direct you into a vantage point where you can consciously manage your mind and recognize your true unobstructed position within. Once you make this shift in perspective, self-awakening has occurred and the stories can be discarded. All teachings are used to guide you into the same space and knowingness within. Therefore, it’s not about the stories. It’s about their ability to help you maneuver into a vantage point where realization can occur. Everyone is unique with different thoughts patterns, life experiences and learning styles. So you would benefit most from hearing a story suited to the way you think and where you are on your path.  The words offered will come directly from the flow just like any other creative process (see unbound creativity below). They will be just what you need to hear to effortlessly trigger inner liberation or deepen awakening in beautiful ways. If you have an existing practice you would like to compliant (I do yoga). Understanding traditional spiritual teachings through different and unconventional perspectives can also deepen realization.

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Mind Mastery ​is an understanding and skill that can be instrumental in your inner liberation, unbound creativity and mindset. It offers you enormous benefits now as it did me (see About Me). By learning the parts, functions and mechanics of the mind, and how they are used to perceive and create experiences. You will understand how to be happy and avoid stress, how to stay inspired and creative, and how to remain positive and avoid negativity. Additionally, this skill effortlessly creates the inner peace that fosters self-awakening and access to the creative flow. It starts to improve your life now as you build it into a habit that eventually becomes your natural way of being. Because everything you do begins in your mind. Mind Mastery is the most valuable skill of all and a profound tool for self-improvement. Positive Refocusing™ (see below) can make mind mastery much easier for you while effortlessly creating a better state of mind.

Songwriting Looking for lyrics that get your soul high? They bleed truth, feel alive and blow your mind. You know, words you can’t stop singing in your head. My vantage point is very different. I write freestyle intuitively and uncompromising from the heart. Let’s collaborate on masterpiece or I can write one for you!

Unbound Creativity Everyone has the ability to be creative, inspired and original. You only suffer from creative block because you allow thinking and resistance to sabotage your access to the ever present creative flow. To be creative, inspired and original. You must be able to move from over thinking or frustrated state of mind into thoughtless awareness and aware thinking. Thoughtless awareness produces limitless creativity. Aware thinking is consciously managing thought instead of letting it manage you. It works like this: You maneuver into thoughtless awareness, allowing the idea to emerge, then fine tune your new insight with aware thinking, moving back and forth many times during the process. This is a creative genius in action and the mechanism for all forms of creativity. It is beautiful, effortless and opposite of “trying” to construct something using thought. When you “try” to think creatively it becomes difficult, problematic, stale, and often causes a total block. Understanding creativity, your mind and building this new skill will help you avoid this mess, be the creative flow and effortlessly birth your art.