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“The universe brought Michael into my life when I needed him and I’ve been grateful ever since. He helped me shatter all the old beliefs and stories that kept me in a box. I have listened to the teachings of many mystics, yogis and spiritual masters. Michael's teachings blend of all of them in a simple yet profound way. His teachings and poems make perfect sense to me and they helped make my perception crystal clear. I'm making changes in my life and watching them happen, happily. This new awareness is giving me lots of new joy and inner peace. I learned so much from our conversations about the mechanics of mind and power of thoughts. Thank you for sharing with me and for being in the world, doing this work. I honor the great teacher, philosopher and healer that you are.” 

-Dr. Bhakti Rudani M.D Physician, India

“Michael presents a realistic, down to earth approach to uncovering your own happiness within. There are no riddles or allusive themes. He provides pragmatic and realistic insights into the functioning of the human condition. His perception into the world of thought and emotions are cutting edge. I believe his book will become a leader in raising the consciousness of the planet.” 

-Dr. Louis Zwirble, USA

“I have had the opportunity to get to know the man and experience the genius of his work, both on myself and others, prior to and during the writing of his book. The limitless optimism and simplicity of this approach to real wellness is a welcome and necessary road map to navigate what otherwise might seem complex times. The striking realization that we can observe our thoughts floating by and not be confined by them is liberating and profound. Thank You Michael…”

-Dr. Marc D'Aquila, USA

“I am impressed with how Michael found the simplest and shortest way to drag people out of their box. He translated philosophy into a method ready to use for everyone. He doesn’t convince them to go out looking for something, he throws them the key instead. One doesn’t need to understand their past or recognize their defense mechanisms. One just has to learn HOW to focus on the bright side of life and when this one element gets changed, all others must follow, completing happy life. Every therapist working with people sooner or later notices that despite how human stories differ so much, there is one mechanism behind them. Michael distinguished it, named it as clearly as possible and described it in a professional simple way, making it suitable for everyone, in every situation, right now. That’s brilliant. Thank you.”

-Alicja, Psychologist, Poland

“His tiny book produces such a powerful impact on one’s journey. It reminds us of our birthright to reign over our mind versus our mind reigning over us. For me, this method has been a refreshing course of action. It’s simple in its text and vibrant in it’s tone. It has been a welcomed tool in assisting me in reclaiming the happiness that’s been within all along.”

-Sonia Earvin, Life Coach, USA

“I hear Michael’s voice in his words and feel his desire to make a difference for others willing to hear his message with an open heart. He’s strong enough to speak the truth and gentle enough to live it. Michael has been the changer and the changed in his life. There’s so much outer noise and confusion sometimes we miss the whisper of love within. When we are consciously living we are consciously giving ourselves what we most need. If you have his book in your hand, there’s a reason. There’s meaning in synchronicity. If you feel the goodness in the moment you hold change in your sight. Namaste.”

-Dj Brown-jewett Ph.D, USA

“Michael so freely gave so much of his time and love to me that not being able to see his bright light would be to be blind.  After reading The Universal Happiness Method it was something that all of me had felt for so long that I just could not put into words. I felt this book so deeply in my heart that I had to reach out to Michael. This book is flawless and without a doubt the real deal to making this world the place it should be LOVE LOVE LOVE. I related to this book so much I just knew in all of me that this is the 110% truth to everyone being able to live the life they deserve to, the best they could. This book is a heart changer, it’s a life changer, it’s most definitely a mind changer.”

-Tonya Ouimet, Oprah Winfrey Network Ambassador, Canada

“I think the universal happiness method is a great book. It lays out clearly the causes of our constant unhappiness and then it also lays out the solution. The principles are easy to grasp and apply. I have read lots of self-help material over the years that I have come to trust because of the valuable insights they share. Reading the universal happiness method resonates with a lot of what I have read and therefore it helps me better understand not only my own mind, but the other teachings I have read.”

-Jaquinta, USA

“Michael’s book is truly life changing, these are the best words to describe this book. Even just writing those few words I have teared up out of pure joy. I have searched almost my entire life for Inner Peace and Happiness, with this book, I have found it. My worst enemy is, and was myself. My thoughts I realize now was the destructive force in my life all this time. I want / need the world to know about the book. I believe every school should have it on their reading list as a priority. Every mental health facility, practitioner, everyone should read his book. I can’t even put into words how much this book means to me. It is still very overwhelming for me that my life long search for Inner Peace and Happiness is finally over. I can now begin to live the life I have wanted ALL My Life.” 

-Alexandra, Australia

“After surviving cancer and years struggling with bipolar, I would read any positive, thought provoking book I could find. They were useful but I slipped into old mental habits quickly. The universal happiness method changed that. After reading it twice something clicked and I haven’t looked back since. My life is amazing now: I am positive, strong and conscious, and ready to enjoy the rest of my life.”

-Claire Mason, UK

“Michael, I want to thank you for changing my life and my outlook on life. 4 Years ago when we met I was unhappy and I was 245 Lbs. I had just left a 20 year career in the Post Office and was struggling to stay in business as I opened up a Holistic Center. You taught me certain techniques and worked on me and immediately I felt different. I did not know that a few years later my life would change using your method. For the past 2 years I now own and run a successful Cafe in Fort lee NJ. I have my own blend of Coffee and I lost 65 Lbs. I am off 90% of all Medications and my doctor said whatever you are doing continue it…The best is that I am finally Happy. I never thought that 4 years ago when we met that someday I would be finally free. Well I am sending you this Thank You letter to tell you that I am.”

-Mike Gallina, USA

“I found this book to be a great blueprint to get any person from every walk of life back on track or on the track in the first place. From my own experience, I learned from the holistic healers that have surrounded me this past decade, that being neutral or outside our emotions, perceptions and thoughts can allow us to more easily choose what we want to focus on or what actions to take that better serve us. This book is the clearest description of how to go about that. The untold suffering I have seen by people who have desperately cried out to find a way to end the negative that has plagued them and the suffering it created and to appreciate life again has not had very good answers as to how they do this themselves without requiring extensive help from the outside world (therapists, endless need of support from friends and relatives, etc.). Even I, who have come to realize I have it within me to choose to be happy or unhappy, sometimes lose sight of how to do that. This book makes it easy to remember how and is a great reminder that it isn’t that difficult and well worth it.”

-Karen Saldanha, USA

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