I have a deep bond with my animal family. They continually offer unconditional love, loyalty, companionship and have helped me through the darkest times of my life. I am eternally grateful for them. My current animal companions are Crazy Boy (Persian/Maine Coon Mix) who was homeless in the Vermont Mountains, Squeaky (Siamese Mix) who was a starving stray on a horse ranch in California, Happy (Bull Terrier) and Gracie (Labrador Retriever) who were dumped at an animal shelter during the pandemic. My other companions include: 18 birds (parakeets and finches), 3 tanks of tropical fish, and a koi pond. 

When I lived in Vermont I ran a rodent rescue where we took in unwanted pets that were dropped off at the local pet store, We provided a home for 15 to 20 rodents at any given time (hamsters, mice, gerbils and degus). In 2011, Hurricane Irene wrecked Vermont and hundreds of cats were abandoned to fend for themselves. I fed about 30 of these strays in a semi-feral colony (which is how I got Crazy Boy). I moved to California in 2012 and got a job running a horse rescue ranch (where I found Squeaky). I rehabbed three horses back to health: (Flash from Founder, Jo Jo from back injury and tamed Ranger (supposedly untamable) with all on track to be euthanized. They were all considered “goners” by the experts (veterinarian, horse trainer. farrier & pet psychic). I proved them all wrong by saving these horses despite having zero equine experience. Sharing my life with animals is one of my greatest blessings (see gallery below). Please adopt, don’t shop: Pet Finder!

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