For decades, I trained as a bodybuilder (physique sculpting) and powerlifter (strength training). I have a black belt in Chinese Kenpo Karate with additional training in Mauy Thai, Taeknowndo, Boxing, Kickboxing, Goju-Ryu, and Judo (currently studying Krav Maga). I've been a contributing writer and fitness model for national exercise magazines (Men’s Exercise, Exercise For Men Only, Women’s Exercise and Natural Physique) as well as a fitness trainer, sports nutritionist, karate instructor and lifeguard. I produce The Fitness Spotlight with Michael Robert Lawrence for JOY TV Network (streaming on Roku) and interview athletes of all kinds. These interviews are promoted on two Social Media Influencer accounts: TheUHMethod and JeanetteJoy . For my regularly updated fitness gallery see Instagram: Fitness .

My father was a career military man (WW2 & Korean war veteran) who believed it was essential for me to be fit and formidable. He enrolled me in martial arts at age five, taught me weight training at fifteen, and regularly hypnotized me for confidence, motivation and discipline. This transformed me into a relentless fitness practitioner for a life. I only see myself as a fit healthy athlete constantly improving and learning. Thoughts of being unhealthy, out of shape or excuses not to workout are never entertained, and the limiting beliefs of others have no influence over me. Thanks dad!

Mindset is a vital component. A poor mindset will sabotage the best exercise routines, diet plans and prevent you from reaching your potential through demotivation, lack of discipline and believing the limiting thoughts of others. I continue to condition my mind daily using hypno-subliminal audio suites of my own design (see Mindset) and practice mindfulness (see Zen).

Due to a number of injuries (torn ankle, broken hand and carpal tunnel) I trained myself to become ambidextrous out of necessity. I’m equally effective at tasks with my right or left hand and I can engage in martial arts from orthodox and southpaw stances. In 2017, I sustained a serious injury and had to take 7 months off from exercising. Upon resuming my training, I worked out using light weights, negative training, calisthenics, qigong and yoga. Once my rehabilitation training succeeded, I converted to %100 callisthenic training (negative, ballistic, isometric with/without weight vest, rings & kettlebells) ending my gym rat days. My current at-home exercise regime focuses on athleticism and functional strength.

In 2019, I designed my own healthy formula of super foods (mostly plant based) and added intermittent fasting. This regime keeps my body fat at 7-8% without cardio training, counting calories, going hungry, lacking energy or spending hours at the gym. I've achieved this body composition and fitness level at 57 without anabolic steroids, HGH (human growth hormone), TRT (testosterone replacement therapy), diuretics or any other PEDs (performance enhancing drugs). Age has NOT been much of a factor for me. I continue to become more athletic, build muscle, gain strength and constantly improve. I've maintained the speed and flexibility (still do splits) of my 20s and my testosterone levels have not dropped. Major factors are mindset (will power, discipline, motivation and confidence), diet (strict healthy eating) and exercise (comprehensive full-body routine). I'm living proof that you can be a serious athlete naturally in your fifties and beyond.


My current health and fitness routine also includes: Win Hof & Shaolin Nei Gong  breathing (achieved 3 minute+ above water breath holds), cold water therapy (daily cold showers), seminal conservation, qigong, systematic stretching (static, dynamic & PNF), high-intensity interval training (done barefoot), mediation (no goal/let go of control), mind vigilance (recognizing the mechanics of the mind as it operates), mindfulness (observing and accepting thoughts, feelings and body sensations without judging or necessarily believing them) and hypno-subluminal audios (mindset building).


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