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The Universal Happiness Method: How to be Happy and Live without Stress
by Michael Robert Lawrence & Lilia Nani Ho’alakahi

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​​ISBN: 9781618422453

Copyright © 2019 Michael Robert Lawrence

The Universal Manual for Your Mind by Michael Robert Lawrence is the ultimate empowerment. This book provides everything you need to know to master your mind and change your life forever. It explains in detail how the tools of your mind: Attention, Thought and Emotion work, interact, and create experiences so you can learn to direct them consciously. These practical instructions come from Michael’s direct experience of understanding the mind through introspection, reverse engineering, and awakening without any spiritual training (see About Me). 

"Happiness in not abstract, complex or elusive. Happiness is the mental direction of focusing on a happy thought." -MRL

The Poetry Book: Encouragement, Love, Wisdom & Zen Volume ONE by Michael Robert Lawrence. Beautiful poetic words that will make you smile, lift you up, offer unconditional love and guidance into to a deeper vantage point of peace and serenity. The best of Michael’s Social Media writings 2010-2019 including unpublished gems (see @TheUHMethod). 

The Universal Happiness Method is more than a Book. It is a gentle exercise, a learning tool teaching you how to manage your mind. Instead of allowing thought and emotion to manage you. By managing your mind you can release yourself from stress, unhappiness and a host of other things and be happy instead. The only source of happiness and unhappiness are in your mind. Imagine experiencing lasting happiness. It is within your power once you are able to manage your mind. The Universal Happiness Method was developed by Michael Robert Lawrence. These writings are copyrighted, but you may distribute this FREE Special PDF Edition. Enjoy!