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Michael Robert Lawrence shares his wisdom from awakening into deep clarity and unbound creativity through mind mastery and inner liberation. Self-awakening birthed him into artist, author, poet and spiritual teacher directed by the flow. Michael created a new form of modern Haiku, pens powerful mantras, Zen prose and wrote "The Universal Happiness Method". He is also sketch artist, photographer, kickboxer and comedian. He is one of twelve speakers (including Olivia Newton John and Deepak Chopra) selected to teach for Oprah Winfrey Network Ambassador’s “12 Days of Celebrating Consciousness” and has gathered a large worldwide audience (see @TheUHMethod).

Background Michael is a former software engineer, clinical hypnotherapist, fitness trainer and horse wrangler. He was regularly hypnotized as a child by his genius father and learned self-hypnosis at age 12. Michael was taught meditation while studying mixed martial arts (Mauy Thai, Taeknowndo, Boxing, Judo & Goju-Ryu)  and is a black belt in Chinese Kempo Karate. He is a bodybuilder who practices Yoga and Callisthenics. Michael was a contributing writer and a fitness model for "Men's Exercise", "Women's Exercise", "Natural Physique" and held the title of "Mr. Exercise" for "Exercise For Men Only". He studied and practiced Reiki, Dowsing and Silva Method to master level. Michael holds a Bachelors of Arts in Administration & Management, Magna Cum Laude. He identified as an INFJ (world's rarest personality, only 1% of the population). Michael lives with his two cats "Crazy Boy" (bottom left corner) and "Squeaky" (top right corner).

True Story I was a successful engineer, writer and professional model doing quite well when a raging shit tsunami wiped out my life. Deaths, divorce, financial destruction, poverty and poor health came crashing in. This resulted in clinical depression, general anxiety, panic disorder, prescription drug addiction, suicide attempts and mental breakdown. My mental agony realigned my perceptions and initiated my path to self-awakening. I realized only I could save myself and began researching everything I could find to stabilize my broken mind. My path inspired the development of Positive Refocusing™ which I used to purge toxic thinking and break free from addiction to prescription drugs. I beat adversity, overcame depression, anxiety, panic, conquered addiction without rehab, my OCD vanished and got in the best shape of my life! Then my mind became very quiet and I began noticing how it was operating. I used my engineering skills to identify the basic functions and mechanics of the mind. This experience provided me with the necessary understanding to master the mind and trigger inner liberation. For live talks, private sessions, group mentoring and retreat speaking engagements see services.

"I did not learn from a master, study spiritual texts or meditate under a tree. Life kicked my ass and rendered me conscious." -MRL