Michael Robert Lawrence

Michael Robert Lawrence is an author, artist, poet, spiritual mentor, athlete and Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Joy Publications, LLC. He identified as an INFJ on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (world's rarest personality, 1% of the population) and holds a Bachelors of Arts in Administration & Management, Magna Cum Laude. Michael has a diverse and unique skill set from working as a software engineer, technical writer, clinical hypnotherapist, health club manager, fitness trainer, martial arts instructor and horse wrangler. 

Michael authored “The Universal Happiness Method: How to be Happy and Live without Stress” (download Free PDF version). He’s penned 1000s of poems (Zen, romance, humor and mindset), spiritual pointers, yoga mantras as well as articles in fitness magazines. Michael is a self-taught sketch artist, graphic designer, photographer and comedian (see Art & Poetry). He attributes his unbound creativity, ingenuity, fearlessness and peace of mind to inner liberation. A gift that keeps giving and enhanced every area of his life.


Michael is a spiritual mentor who’s been teaching online for over a decade. He is one of twelve speakers (including Olivia Newton John and Deepak Chopra) selected to teach for Oprah Winfrey Network Ambassador’s “12 Days of Celebrating Consciousness”. Michael wasn’t a spiritual seeker when a raging shit tsunami wiped out his life. Deaths, divorce, poverty, poor health and unprocessed childhood traumas came crashing in (mini violin playing), resulting in clinical depression, general anxiety disorder, panic disorder, prescription drug addiction, suicide attempts and mental breakdown. This mental agony realigned his perceptions and initiated his inner shift. Michael became a clinical hypnotherapist and designed mind reprogramming audio suites to purge his toxic thinking and relieve inner pain.

As he conquered adversity (without rehab or emotional support) his mind became very quiet and he noticed how it was operating. Michael used his engineering skills to identify the basic mechanics of the mind. As he mastered these mechanics, a sobering from thought effortlessly occurred, his inner lens became clear and inner liberation naturally unfolded. Michael now sees from the inside position spiritual masters point to, and has written thousands of poems, stories and humorous rants pointing to this non-conceptual awareness within (continually published on his twitter feed).


Michael is a former fitness trainer and sports nutritionist who’s been Bodybuilding and Powerlifting for decades. He’s also a self-defense instructor who studied Mauy Thai, Taeknowndo, Boxing, Judo, Goju-Ryu, Freestyle Wrestling and holds a black belt in Chinese Kempo Karate. Additionally, Michael was a contributing writer and fitness model published in "Men's Exercise", "Women's Exercise", "Natural Physique" and held the title of Mr. Exercise for "Exercise For Men Only". See Photography

Michael is the Chief Operating Officer and Engineer at Joy Publicity, LLC. (Entertainment, Education and Real Estate). He lives and works at the headquarters in Orange County, California.

Michael has been helping animals his entire life. He’s rescued too many cats and dogs to count, ran a rodent rescue in Vermont and a horse rescue ranch in California. Michael works in an entrepreneurial environment surrounded by his rescue pets: Crazy Boy, Squeaky, Happy, Juno (RIP) and Gracie!  Find Michael on Twitter.


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